Our Boer Does

Located in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

Here's a list of some of our current does. We are currently running 33 ABGA fullblood boer does, 4 ABGA purebred/percentages, 2 ADGA purebred nubians, and 2 PI fullblood savanna does. All of our does are great mothers - we except no less! 


ACR3 Zhaitain's Salto de Fe

Born 6/27/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Rue


ACR3 Zhaitain's Millie-Me

Born 5/8/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Millie


ACR3 Zhaitain's Talon

Born 2/16/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Rendezvous


ACR3 Zhaitan's Mystic Rose

Born 2/07/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Rose


BelleOaks Pluff Mud

Born 4/15/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Pluff (aka "The Loaf") is our newest addition! We cannot wait to see what she brings to the table for our program. 


ACR3 China Girl

Born 2/20/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

China was a dam-raised triplet out of a big, broody doe. We expect China to be just as nice!


ACR3 Writin' Sins, Not Tragedies

Born 4/02/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Song is the twin sister to Sin. She is the daughter of Nebula and WRL2 Grainger's Writin' Hot Checks.


ACR3 Evening Star

Born 3/28/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

Eve is a gorgeous doe with some nice length. She kidded twins her first kidding, and they are just as nice!


CBD Wild at Heart

Born 2/27/2014 | ABGA Fullblood

Heart is a phenomenal doe! She has tremendous size, width, bone, and length. She is the dam to Honey


CRI Copper Creek Nina Roja

Born 11/29/2010 | ABGA Fullblood

Rue is a super mom and has raised all her triplets on her own! Plus, her kids are deep, long, and easy keepers.


GANOE Infinity's Perfect Blazar​

Born 12/16/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

Blaze is a chunk! Her head is gorgeous, and we know she will add some great qualities to our herd!


ACR3 Zhaitain's Venom

Born 5/14/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Nebula


ACR3 Zhaitain's Potion

Born 5/4/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Nina


ACR3 Zhaitain's Rebellion

Born 2/16/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Rendezvous


ACR3 Zhaitan's Poisoned Paradise

Born 4/9/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Love


ACR3 Gold Dust

Born 5/22/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Dusty is a carbon-copy of her full-sister Rose from last year's kidding of Rush X Nina. We cannot wait to see her grow out just as nicely!


ACR3 Rumors of Gold

Born 5/22/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

This doe is her dam Nina's mini-me! She sports the exact same spots on her side and everything. Hopefully, she will be just as good as momma!


ACR3 Writin' Love Songs

Born 4/02/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Song is the twin sister to Sin. She is the daughter of Nebula and WRL2 Grainger's Writin' Hot Checks.


OBG6 Nebula

Born 6/08/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

Nebula has kidded twin does sired by WRL2 GRAINGER'S WRITIN' HOT CHECKS. They are stunning!


GANOE Haunted Heart

Born 3/10/2018 | ABGA Fullblood

Honey has some great bone and a beautiful chest! She is the daughter to Heart.


ACR3 Spotted in the Denalis

Born 4/19/2018 | ABGA Fullblood

Denali was a dam-raised triplet sired by our ASHS Astroid *EN* grandson, ROCKY. She is the daughter of Rue.


Pine Bank Spotted in My White Boots

Born 2/08/2013 - ABGA 97%

Cava is one of our oldest does, but you'd never know it! She hasn't been dewormed since 2016 and is an easy keeper. 


ACR3 Zhaitain's Siren

Born 5/18/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Eve


ACR3 Zhaitain's Wicked Secrets

Born 5/12/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Wicked


ACR3 Zhaitain's Chimera

Born 2/12/20 | ABGA Fullblood

Zhaitan X Denali


BelleOaks Fanscinator

Born 4/9/2019 | ABGA Fullblood


ACR3 Wicked Dreams

Born 5/07/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

Wicked is hands-down the best black dapple we have produced so far. She is daughter to Nina and sister to Rose, Dusty, and Rumor.


ACR3 Amaze Me

Born 5/23/2019 | ABGA Purebred

Maze is one of only FOUR non-fullbloods that we will be using in our boer breeding program (including her dam). She is very special to us!


ACR3 All Sauced Up

Born 4/29/2019 | ABGA Fullblood

Saucy is one of our few Wasted daughters! She is long all over and very feminine. Her dam is our doe Eve.


BUGS Tainted Love

Born 2/21/2018 | ABGA Fullblood

Love is an absolute favorite on this farm. She is thick all over, so we cannot wait to see what her kids will look like!


ACR3 Princesa Nina

Born 1/07/2015 | ABGA Fullblood

Nina stamps her kids with both color and the deep, broody body type that we love! Dam of Wicked, Dusty, and Rumor


Fuberry Farms Black Tie Affair

Born 3/10/2017 | ABGA Fullblood

Tux is a deep doe with some great genetics backing her! She gave us quads her first time kidding in January.


BBHS Millsbury Dough Girl

Born 1/09/2013 - ABGA 75%

Millie has a great mothering instinct. You can always find her sleeping with her kids from previous years.

Purebred Nubian Does

Here are our current Nubian does. Keep an eye out for our future milk soaps, lotions, and more!


Whirlaway Farms Capriccio

Born X/XX/2019 - ADGA Purebred

Cio is absolutely gorgeous with her loud color! She has a beautiful head and a long, straight back.


Whirlaway Farms Mezzosoprano

Born X/XX/2019 - ADGA Purebred

Mezzo is very sweet and adorable. She is the full-sister to Cio! We are glad we got to keep them together.

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